Wordless Wednesday… Sooky lala edition.

Totally self inflicted but hurts like hell!!

Come and play along with

My Little Drummer Boys


Posted on October 5, 2011, in Lolly, Overshare and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 10 Comments.

  1. You poor thing. Hope you heal quickly. I like the little yellow flower.

  2. oh no 😦
    hope you are feeling better soon

  3. I love you, but you are a mong. That is all.xx
    P.S. you should have punched a PILLOW!

  4. Bugger! Hope it heals quickly.

  5. I love the flower holding photo 😉 totally focussing on that one lol. Hope it heals quickly ❤

  6. Happy WW (or not)
    Thanks for linking up your sad image.
    Hope you feel better soon, love the flower though !

  7. Oh look at that sad lip. love it!

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