I heart my body, now…

This is my clothed body…


I am 25 and a half years old.

This body has seen me through 2 vaginal births, one cesarian and far too many miscarriages.

From first pregnancy until today, i have gone from a size 6 to an 18 and back to a 12.

Its taken 12 years for me to start to love my body again.

But this body has carried 3 tiny people. Its been used and abused but it’s mine.


                                               Yes i have a Betty Boop Tattoo.

Here are the things I heart about my body:

After 3 children i have no stretch marks on my belly (shitloads on my hips/thighs tho!)

My skin is ridiculously soft!

I have gorgeous natural curls.

I have learned to embrace my curves.

According to my children my 12F sized boobies make great pillows when cuddling…



Im curvy.

My stomach muscles are non existant.

My boobs fall out of everything.

But I’m Gorgeous… Just the way i am.


Oh and if i may, i would like to see a good panel beater about fixing the hail damage on my arse…

Call the NRMA!!

Join in Loving your body at

We Heart Life ❤


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  1. Oh my, Lolly! What a sexy ass for a mumma of three! I am so happy that you feel good and happy about your body! You rock, you’re fabulous! Very inspirational 🙂 xo

  2. Umm, if you happen to find a good panel beater …. (I hid mine by sitting on my arse;)

  3. Too many miscarriages here also and one big bouncing boy by C section who is now 18!
    You look amazing!

    We are joining in this year as well :]

  4. AMAZING! You are gorgeous and I love that you love yourself. That is sexier than anything else in my opinion. And I have to giggle at the hail damage 😛

  5. Nice tits Lolly!!!! 😉 love how you have done this and I love what you love about your body, so simple and so bloody normal xxxx

    I’ll show everything but my muffin top should NEVER be seen!!!!!

  6. LOL at hail damage!
    You look amazing after three kids!!! Beautiful woman!

  7. Ba ha ha ha ha – after NRMA finish on your ass, send them over to my house to fix my rear!

    I linked up too.

  8. Your body is amazing. Your curves are perfect & your boobs are Fantastic!!

  9. Lol at hail damage! I need a new rear end altogether, mine disappeared around 2005 😉

    You are awesome Lolly. Sexy and fun and fabulous.

  10. You look amazing for having 3 children. x

  11. High five my F cup sister! you are an image of loveliness!

  12. You are my hero just for posting this! How gorgeous you are!

    I’m waaaay to self conscious to do it, but you have nothing to hide at all!

    Love you xxx

  13. Great post, love it. You look amazing x

  14. you’re right, you ARE gorgeous just as you are! those curves are to die for 🙂

    thanks for sharing.


  15. Congrats hunny!!!!!!
    I’m happy you have made peace with your body! Honestly, there is no beauty like there is in our natural beauty… 🙂
    you do look amazing!


  16. Gorgeous! Love this post xoxo

  17. Phwoar, gorgeous curves, gorgeous mumma!

  18. Your body is HOT clothed and unclothed.

  19. Hahahaha. Last bit totally cracked me up.
    You are beautiful. I thought it when I met you last month, and I want you to hear it from others.
    You have really gorgeous skin. It even looks soft in these pictures!

  20. You are hot, gorgeous and lovely, loving your attitude. You rock x

  21. You are absolutely gorgeous.


  22. Oh my, lolly! You are gorgeous.

  23. Thank you to EVERYONE that commented xxxx feeling the love xxx

  24. You have a seriously banging bod babe! Very sexy! Now I just have to get the courage up to do the pics myself :-O

  25. You are gorgeous inside and out! I’m lucky to have known you for years and think you rock! Love you lots xxx

  26. As I said separately so inspiring ….

    Not a lot a random man can say except ….

    Holy crap have they forgotten that you need that cast off some time, seems to have been on forever.

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